About Andrea Langford Kitchen remodeling

Andrea Langford Designs, LLC, is a kitchen design and bathroom design studio. Our firm is known for its high-quality, custom kitchen designs and cabinetry. Our experience, knowledge and expert customer service sets us apart from other design firms. Our goal is to create rooms that reflect the client’s personal taste, are functional, use superior products and exude beauty and quality.

We have over 35 years of combined experience. We are certified in kitchen design from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), so you can rest assured that our designs are functionally sound.  We continue to seek ongoing education, keeping abreast of the latest standards and qualities of design in kitchens and baths. We apply the guidelines set forth by the NKBA as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act in order to assure the safety and welfare of our clients. While we specialize in kitchen and bath spaces, we offer a variety of design services for areas such as the study, wardrobes, media center and new room additions.

Our Mission

At Andrea Langford Designs, LLC, we continue to provide beautiful, enduring environments to our clients using the finest products, professional design and superior service. The final product must exceed our client’s expectations.

Who We Are

Andrea Langford, CKD, graduated from the Sage Colleges with a degree in Interior Design. As an Interior Designer, she possesses the credentials to design and renovate spaces completely, to create a functional flow to any space. The ability to determine the placement of walls, windows, and other similar elements is what sets an interior designer apart from an interior decorator. She has been practicing interior design since 1998.

Richard Langford, CKD, has worked in the remodeling field for over 20 years. His expertise in construction and design brings solutions to every project we handle. He has experience in almost every aspect of construction and his ability to communicate with and understand the work of contractors and subcontractors is invaluable.

Our designs have been published in numerous nationally recognized magazines.

In the Community

We are involved in the support of several community organizations, including Hope House, Habitat for Humanity and the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York.

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