“I can’t begin to tell you how fantastic it is…

…to come home every night and see substantial progress. Over the past two years or so, as Lisa and I discussed ‘doing something with the kitchen’, we’ve heard many horror stories from other folks who had remodeled/renovated their kitchens. I think that’s what took us so long to decide to take the plunge.

I can truly say that as we sit here just beyond the half way mark on our project, I really couldn’t be more satisfied. Of course the scope of the project grew from our initial ‘do something with the kitchen’ to remodeling the entire ground floor, but through it all, working with you, Andrea and your entire team has proven to be a pleasure. From the initial design, planning, execution and yes, even the budget, you have proven to us that we have made the wisest of choices in selecting your company to make over our home. Based on your past performance, I can honestly say that I’m confident that the last half of the project will follow the same steady course.

I know I’ve said it before, but please read all you possibly can into the following statement: Thanks for all you do!!”
Dan C.

“Andrea and Rich Langford did an amazing job on my kitchen! …

…I would highly recommend them for kitchen design and installation.”
Jim C.

“We are thrilled with our new kitchen designed by Andrea and Richard Langford! …

…Their well-planned design transformed our modest kitchen with a minimum of work space into a magnificent, professional-looking kitchen that provides far more working and storage area as well as lighting and timeless character.

Andrea and Richard’s knowledge of cabinetry, appliances, counter tops and lighting made it so easy for us to make decisions, and their attention to detail made it a great pleasure to work with them.”
Robert and Debra H.

“I manage a plumbing supply showroom and have consulted with Andrea Langford about various plumbing challenges…

…and how best to plan for them. She has a true gift for design and a sound mind for business. She demonstrates in her work a perfect blend of knowledge and instinct. Her designs are functional, yet practical, and are visually delightful. I can wholeheartedly endorse her as a consummate professional, who strives for excellence in her career and continuing education in kitchen and bath design. She has shepherded many of us in various roles with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). It is a great pleasure for me to know her as a fellow tradesman, but to also call her a friend.”
Janeen S.

“Andrea Langford Designs provided kitchen design services in our home…

…The firm was willing to work with us to complete a budget driven facelift. I always wanted to work with Andrea because of her “eye for style and color coordination” and her outstanding work featured in the national publication “Architectural Digest.” Her design services provided maximum value while remaining within our budget and I was impressed with the patience and enthusiasm she had for the project. We received the same quality guidance for cabinet and wall color selection, countertop and custom made backsplash selection and fixtures suggestions that we would have received if it would have been a complete kitchen remodel. Our involvement with Andrea Langford Designs was a good investment!”
Bernadette F.

“Andrea was generous enough to offer her services to me and my family in a time of great need…

…She was instrumental in the design and construction of both my kitchen and bathroom, highly professional and reliable throughout the entire process. The results were simply stunning, thank you so much for your stellar work!”
Holly C.

“Andrea and her team provided expert advice and solid craftmanship…

…in an extensive kitchen and bath renovation project. She gently but firmly kept us moving forward through through the extended process to a top-quality result.”
Leslie T.

“Andrea and Rich of Andrea Langford Designs assisted my wife and me in remodeling…

…our kitchen and dining room space. They guided us through the design details of our cooking and dining styles, traffic flow, window location, lighting needs, kitchen equipment accessibility and storage requirements. The end result was high quality cabinetry, an efficiently functioning space and esthetic details that added up to an outstanding job.”
Benjamin S.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Andrea and Richard…

…During that time, we’ve been able to see their amazing work on kitchens and baths. Their creativity and attention to detail is astounding, in order to bring the dreams of a homeowner to reality. You’ve got to see it to believe it. And at the same time, their attitude is infectious. They truly love their clients – most of them have them over for dinner when the project is done!”
Dave B.

“Andrea Langford is one of the most brilliant designers of our time…

…Combining luxury with practicality, Andrea’s abilities can bring the feel of mid west country to your kitchen project or the contemporary feel of New York City or California. Andrea makes design an experience everyone must partake in at least once in a lifetime, offering full service expertise in design though out your entire home. Everyone at Andrea Langford Designs is a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association and is always following design trends world wide. It is a pleasure to know Andrea and her team, and to do business with them on a regular basis.”
Jim S.

“Andrea brings great knowledge and vision to her clients. I worked with Andrea…

…on the redesign of my kitchen. Her product knowledge and creativity helped to create a beautiful, unique kitchen that is now the center piece of my home. She worked within my budget and on a timeline that was met every step of the way; at no time did I feel inconvenienced and the final product is spectacular. I highly recommend Andrea.”
Paula B.

“Andrea worked well integrating our own ideas into the final design of our kitchen…

…She provided excellent recommendations on suppliers and vendors that upheld the quality of work we sought for the completion of our project.”
Carolyn F.

“I found Andrea and her team to be creative with close attention to all of the little things…

…that make a custom kitchen truly custom. Once completed (on time, by the way) the kitchen was really our own with everything designed to fall under hand, resulting in a kitchen that was not only easy, but a pleasure to use. No project is without unexpected issues but any time this occurred they were dealt with in an efficient and fair manner. No issue ever derailed the project which began as a new kitchen then progressed into a remodel of the entire ground floor of our home, from kitchen to family room, to living room, dining area, bathroom, mantle, banisters, moldings, flooring and even to paint and carpet color selections. The flow of the new floor plan created a comfortable, classy environment that we were happy to live in and proud to show off.

I would highly recommend Langford Kitchen Studio, and Andrea to anyone who wants their job done right and on time along with a hearty dose of fun and personality.”
Dan C.

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