Trends in Bathroom Lighting

Luxury Lighting Fixtures

Bath and Shower Lights

In an enclosed shower or tub area, most codes call for enclosed, vapor-proof lights. Use caution when positioning them, however; you don’t want to look right into the light when you’re lying in the tub. An infrared heat lamp mounted just outside the tub or shower will…Read More

Trends in Bathroom Lighting

The current trend in bathroom lighting is toward larger, sunnier baths, and today’s top bathroom designers are placing more emphasis on artificial lighting as well. A single, small lighting fixture protruding from the middle of the ceiling doesn’t suffice by today’s standards. Alternative sources of general lighting include recessed ceiling…Read More

Steps to a Safe Bathroom

How to Build a Safe Bathroom

Nearly 2,000,000 people are injured annually in their bathroom, according to statistics from the National Safety Council. The most common accidents are slips, falls and scalding from hot water. Although not all accidents will ever be eliminated, the National Kitchen and Bath (NKBA) feels that a well-designed bathroom can also be…Read More

Cashing in on Your Kitchen and Bath

October is National Kitchen and Bath Month. This is a great time to be reminded that remodeling your kitchen and bath are the two best investments you can make for the future. Francisca Alonso, owner of AV Architects and AV Builders in McLean, Virginia ,states, “Prospective buyers will look at…Read More

Spa Bathrooms

The 21st century has brought remarkable innovations to bathroom design. These technological advances have opened the door for homeowners to create personal spa experiences at home. Focusing on the health benefits as well as the convenience, let’s review the wide array of products that take an ordinary bath to an…Read More