Why do you charge a design fee?
Shared by m2admin on January 9, 2017

When you hire us through our design agreement, we now work for you on your project. Just as architects, attorneys and accountants charge a fee for their time and service, so do professional interior designers. We produce designs based on specialized education and experience and, as such, these designs are considered our intellectual property. The design agreement secures our time on your project and allows us to offer you customized service. This service goes far beyond the complimentary service that might be offered at large home improvement retailers. Even a cabinet shop that doesn’t charge an up-front design fee will charge you something to go beyond concept. Our plans take into account all aspects of the space, including construction, plumbing and electrical issues. Every design plan is a custom plan. In fact, your plan will not be duplicated, insuring that your project is a one-of-a-kind. You won’t see your kitchen or bathroom in the neighbors house.

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