How long will the entire process take?
Shared by m2admin on January 9, 2017

You should allow a few months for the design phase. If you are building a new home, it is optimal to bringing us in as the house plans are being developed. We can save you time and money by preventing subsequent changes made to the structure and/or framing. After the design is completed, we will place the order for your cabinetry. Cabinetry generally takes two to three months from order to delivery. In the meantime, we will work with you to finalize other finishes in the space, such as flooring, counter tops, back splashes and the like. The scope of your project will determine the length of time it takes to complete. As with most home improvement projects, you should expect to encounter some challenges. Remodeling projects often reveal other issues that need to be dealt with before a project can be completed, particularly in older homes. Patience, communication and understanding on all sides will be a tremendous help in reaching successful completion of your project—and insure that the end result is what you truly hoped it would be.

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